A la carte or tailor-made all-inclusive packages,

Round Two adapts itself to your vision and your workflow. With our partners and our roster of talented freelancers we cover your entire post-production and beyond.


We backup your dailies straight to LTO, synch, color, transcode your dailies, and prepare your project in the NLE of your choice. We offer remote Cloud Storage access or physical delivery.




If you have a feature film, a series, a documentary, or a short form, the technical needs are vastly different. Round Two’s mission is to offer the most time and cost effective workflow for your project without compromising quality.


Digital Dailies (synching, color, editing)- Sound Design – Color Grading – VFX – Motion graphics –
Finishing – Deliverables




We offer Quality Control and DCP Authoring, in Dolby Certified Theater with Christie 4K Projector.
We also partner with the Downing Film Center for private screenings.



A distribution deal is around the corner. Deliverables should be anticipated and planned ahead of time. Your post-house should also be the best place to take care of your deliverables. It can be a daunting list and we believe it is our mission to assist you up to the end.

DCP – DCDM – Digital Deliveries – LTO 6-7 Archiving – Closed Captioning – IMF (Netfilx) – BuRay & Dvd.


Post-production is also a great time to develop your marketing plan and publicity materials and press kits. Work with us our list of artist, musicians, graphic designers, trailer editors, web developers, social media campaign managers.

UP TO 45% Tax credit

The New York State Film Tax Credit Program offers the production industry the nation’s most stable and successful production and post-production tax credits, offering as much as 40% on labor (45% on post)  in most of the state

For further details, visit New York State Film Tax Credits or Contact Us.

The Post-Production Tax Credit program can be allocated and used to encourage companies to post their film projects in New York and help create and maintain film industry jobs. Production companies may be eligible to receive a fully refundable credit of 40 to 45 percent of qualified post-production costs incurred in New York State.