We offer to design a LUT designed for your story, FOR FREE if you are in pre-production!

WHY? Because COLOR is a conversation that starts in pre-production. 

COLOR  is storytelling; identity; brand

It is the first your audience will notice! Make the right emotional impact!

The entire color grading process is dependant on every that happens in front of the camera. It is not just cinematography. It is your set design, your location, production design, costumes, make-up, etc.

We can help you find opportunities to tell a more impactful story.

How does it work?


Fill out the form below and send us your camera test footage and we work with you and your cinematographer to find a look that will help your decisions regarding lighting and design. 

3 things you need to know about LUTs


1 – There are 3 kinds of Look Up Tables

  Technical LUTs: designed to transform an image from one color space to another.

Creative LUTs: created by colorists or cinematographers to discuss and envision the final design of the image. That is what we are offering.

– Camera LUTs – have you ever used the Arri Alexa Log-C to Rec709 LUT? Those are in-camera; they are both technical and creative.


2 – LUTs are never one-size-fits-all

A LUT will never produce the same result on every shot of your film. They can be optimal and cover some situations, but even camera LUT like Arri Log-C to Rec709 are limited.

LUTs are just a suggestion and a visual guide. They are there to assist you on set and to prevent from being misled by the unnatural look of a Log-C image which isn’t an accurate representation of your reel image.

If the LUT doesn’t give you good results on a particular shot, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong your set up. For this reason:


3 – You should never baked-in the LUT into your footage.

It shouldn’t even be an option. Just don’t do it.

LUTs are inspiring and fun, but they are no way a panacea. Most likely your colorist will throw them away.