Storytelling is at the center of our process.

As the creative possibilities in post-production are growing, and the tools becoming more accessible, we find essential to place the story at the center of the post-production workflow.

With the progress of the camera and the technology, so many aspect of filmmaking are now negotiable in post-production and it can be overwhelming for filmmakers and producers alike. At Round Two, we want to make sure that each creative collaborator has a deep understanding of the story and a clear storytelling goal.

The complexity of the tools should work in favor of the creative process, not against it. Your budget and your time are precious and we are here to help you keep a grip on it. Having a deep understanding of the story is also crucial to determine an honest distribution strategy which will, in turn, inform the management of your post-production.

This blog is a window to our philosophy and process.

How To Make Your Color Session About Story, Not About Colors! Just like every creator, filmmakers are haunted by the imposter syndrome (this voice in your head constantly tell you…

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Our story started in September 2017. AB Shawky and I were having coffee in the East Village and we were chatting about the grueling challenges of making Yomeddine. The difficult conditions…

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